Go ahead and shave your body hair as much as you want. According to Live Science It's not going to make the hair grow back faster, thicker, or darker. That's just an old shaving myth.

A lot of guys are afraid to shave their back hair . . . or their HAIR DOWN THERE . . . because they think it's going to grow back faster, thicker, and darker. Well here's some good news.

Make yourself as HAIRLESS as you want. Your hair DOESN'T actually grow back thicker, darker, or coarser. The hair seems coarser when you shave because stubble is shorter . . . obviously . . . and hair gets softer as it gets longer. The hair seems darker because you're seeing it against your skin instead of other hair.

And if you think the hair seems thicker, that's just your imagination . Shaving doesn't stimulate the hair follicles or anything like that.

Sorry, for anyone who was going for the 70's-bush look.