Most of the time, hanging around the relatives during the holiday season means desperately needing a stiff drink or two just to deal. However, the trick is finding a way to freely knock back as much booze as possible without grandma or Aunt Louise giving you the old stink eye for being the Thanksgiving lush.

Well, now thanks to the folks at Ink Whiskey and their inconspicuous new Entertainment Flask, you can use your gaming addiction as a front to get ripped before mom serves the turkey.

These clever little flasks look just like game cartridges for the old school Nintendo system. They come will equally clever names as well, like Drunk Hunt, Castle Vodka, Bar-Hop Bros., Metal Bear and Legend of Drink.

So, go ahead and booze it up this holiday season. After all, there is nothing wrong with hiding the fact that you need to be drunk to deal with your family. We’re sure that everyone attending Alcoholics Anonymous would agree.