The Voodoo Music Experience returns to New Orleans this fall for its 15th year, this time the weekend AFTER Halloween (November 1-3). No stranger to Voodoo, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails will be headlining their fourth Voodoo along with a lineup that includes Pearl Jam, The Cure, and many more. Other bands, as well as the full Voodoo schedule will be announced on September 5.

If you're curious as to what to expect from NIN (i.e., how many of your favorites will they play, how many songs from the upcoming album 'Hesitation Marks' (due September 3) will be on the setlist, etc.), I may have the answer to your questions.

The band played the Outlands Festival in San Francisco last week, and thanks to Reflecting in the Chrome you can watch the entire set in spectacular HD video.

What you see will probably be (with minor adjustments - it was only the fourth show on the tour after all) the same show you'll be seeing at Voodoo in November.

Without further ado, ladies and gentleman: Nine Inch Nails!

Don't have time to watch the whole show now? I get it. They frown on it at work/in class. Until you get a spare hour and a half, Here's the setlist:

00:00:00 Copy of A
00:05:55 Disappointed
00:11:47 Came Back Haunted
00:17:05 1,000,000
00:21:10 March of the Pigs
00:25:26 Something I Can Never Have
00:31:40 Reptile
00:38:17 Terrible Lie
00:43:25 Burn
00:48:11 Closer
00:52:48 Gave Up
00:57:47 Help Me I am In Hell
00:59:16 The Warning
01:03:33 Find My Way
01:08:53 The Way Out Is Through
01:12:33 Wish
01:16:22 Only
01:20:43 The Hand That Feeds
01:24:19 Head Like a Hole
01:30:00 Hurt