A new line of condoms called Naked is billing itself as the world's most expensive condoms. They're $65 a dozen and that to me is just ridiculous. Because not only do you have to shell out almost 70 bucks for the condom, but on top of that you have to pay the hooker a couple hundred bucks and take care of the hotel room...I mean, with this much expense you might as well get married. At least you can have sex without a condom in that case.

CEO Jud Ireland told the New York Post that it's worth it because they include a high-end lubricant and are made with thinner, softer latex than cheaper condoms. For that price, these condoms better be lubricated with Lybian oil and the blood of Virgins.

His sister Marie added that Naked condoms also have more visual appeal. She said, "I'd rather have sex with someone who has a Naked condom. The guy looks better, I think." Ireland said the market for upscale condoms is growing, and their target audience is the "edgy, hip and rich" and probably every guy trying to nail his sister.

My only question about this is if rich people are willing to pay for the very best condoms, what the hell happened with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Someone please explain it to me.