I hate clowns. And not just a little. I REALLY hate clowns. Pennywise, Bozo, Corky the Clown, John Wayne Gacy. I would rather endure a battery acid enema than spend 30 seconds in the presence of a clown.

Which is why, to my amazement, I find myself watching Puddles Pity Party videos over and over. You see, Puddles is a clown. A 7-foot clown! With an amazing set of pipes. Puddles the Clown (of Puddles Pity Party) is actually Big Mike Geier, an amazing vocalist, bandleader, and performance artist from Atlanta, that has been getting rave reviews lately, mostly for his epic cover of alternative singer Lordes song 'Royals":

The video, done with Postmodern Jukebox, has been blowing up on the internet, and made me curious as to what else Puddle's had up his sleeve. Apparently, this little gem - a Metallica-esque version of "My Heart Will Go On" (Be patient...Puddles goes all James Hetfield a little after the 3:00 mark). Eat your heart out Celine Dion!

And just because I know you haven't had your fill of Puddles Pity Party yet, here's a rousing rendition of Ray Charles "You Don't Know Me":

ANd one last one,

Don't get me wrong. I still hate clowns. But, Puddles ain't your average clown. And what's up with monkey girl?