One of my favorite bands - Rival Sons - have just released the video for the first single from their upcoming album 'Head Down'.

'Keep on Swinging' shows the band playing to the congregation of an old southern church while snake-handling, wailing, healing, and speaking-in-tongues goes on around them. According to drummer Michael Miley,

We recently returned from an exciting expedition; it was an adventure. The Spirit was moving in that room. We were playing in a church somewhere in the South (can’t reveal exact location) and had to convince this congregation we could be a musical catalyst for the casting out of demons; we succeeded! We had to tame snakes with our music. There was a swarm of ravens. A girl that was baptised was on fire! Crazy stuff! And it was all caught on tape…

Do yourself a favor and pick up 'Head Down' in stores or online September 17th, and check out the video for 'Keep on Swinging' here: