There's a thing or two we can learn from team sports about having better, more enjoyable sex.  And no, it's not how to successfully text your junk to some one or pick up hot chicks that will later write a tell all book and wreck your marriage.  Let's leave that to the professionals in team sports.I can't go over every thing, but here's a quick look at some of the most notable lessons from team sports that apply to sex:

1. Remember to breathe: oxygen is key to keep the blood flowing.  It seems like a no-brainer, but it's easy to make this rookie mistake in the throws of passion.

2. Work as a team, but take responsibility as an individual. If you’re doing the deed with someone other than yourself, take advantage of being a part of a team. That means figuring out how you can both benefit by working in tandem instead of at odds. Things can get very interesting if you both are at the helm.

3. Take turns. No one likes a ball hog, so be sure to let your partner have a turn every so once and a while

4. Rules are rules. Not every game has the same rules, and the same goes for every time you have sex. Don't pitch a fit if the rules change, just go with the flow. Change can be a good thing

5. Set goals and commit to them. All teams need improvement. If you want your partner to be on your level set a game plan, and work together to make the plan go into action.

6. Practice, practice, and more practice. Practice makes perfect you know.

7. You have to play to win. You have to work at it, and play like you mean it! If you just go through the motions, you'll never get brought up from the minors.

8. Increase your skill set. Try some thing new and try some new moves. Watch some 'film" and see what you can pick up.  You can't make the hall of fame with the same old stuff over and over. You've got to try to beat yourself some times...wait that didn't come out quite right.

9. Accept success and “failure” with grace. Sure you can do a celebration dance after a major play, but don't over due it. Same goes for defeat. If the game is not going your way, don't lose your composure.

10. Communicate. You've got to know what your teammate expects from you, and what you can do better to play to their level. You might even bring them up to your level, but you've got to talk about it. Have a quick meeting on the mound and get back to it!

The list goes on and on, of course. Don’t crumble under pressure; self-evaluate; be responsible; respect your partner; accept your differences; exhibit self-control; push your limits and accept your limitations.

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