Aside from Tool, there is no band I wanted new music from more than Slipknot! And it appears that the time for some new tunes is here, as Slipknot is streaming their brand spanking new track "The Negative One" on their website now.

This is new ground for Slipknot. Even though this is their 5th studio album, it will be their first without bassist Paul Grey (who sadly passed away in 2010) and drummer Joey Jordison (who was apparently let go from the band back in December).

Reports have suggested that the band has recruited drummer Jay Weinberg to play on the new album and tour. Weinberg is the son of Max Weinberg, longtime Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band drummer. There are also rumors that Slipknot is no longer working with Donnie Steele, the group's original guitar player who has been playing bass for them since the band resumed touring in 2011.

Despite the long wait and all the trials and tribulations the band faced in recent years, it seems that Slipknot are back with full bludgeoning force. Pretty much on point from what Corey Taylor described months ago, the new track is very reminiscent of 'Iowa' and 'Vol. 3'.

Speaking of the new album, this is what Corey had to say to Full Metal Jackie a few weeks ago:

After everything we went through, there's a catharsis that comes with this, being able to throw all the emotion and aggression out that we've been holding onto. At the same time, getting to be creative again. Feeling that juice coming back into us. It's been a real positive experience just from an artistic standpoint, a lyrical standpoint.


We're making an album that's not just a reflection. Let's just get new music out there. There's something very vital with what we're trying to do. There's something very visceral with the emotion we're playing with and trying to tell the story of a band that's gone through hell, and yet we're back. It's been really fulfilling.


While we wait on the new album to arrive, you can check out Slipknot live at this year's Knotfest which will be taking place in California October 24 through 26.