I don't know what the hell is wrong with people these days, but for whatever reason folks have been knocking over rock bands left and right here lately. A couple months ago, someone stole some guitars from Zakk Wylde. Then, the same thing happened a couple of days to the guys from Black Stone Cherry. NOW, it happened once again with our good friends in Surrender the Fall.

Apparently, (according to the guys from Downfall Rising who played the show with STF) last night in San Antonio, some one jacked a couple grand worth of equipment from Surrender the Fall. Sadly, these guys aren't Zakk Wylde or BSC, they are an up and coming band that is struggling to make it. So, this is probably going to jack up their tour and future plans for a while.

Hopefully, the cops will bust these jackasses and everything will end well. But in the mean time, these guys are up Sh*t Creek without a paddle. So, help out a bunch of killer musicians get back on the road and buy their album 'Burn In The Spotlight' or get on their website and get yourself some merch or whatever. And if you EVER see some douchenozzle stealing stuff from a band (or anybody for that matter), punch him directly in the friggin nose. I'll make sure you get bailed out.