Because of the fact that before I was in radio I was a news broadcaster, I found this story funny. Actually I went to college to be an anchor and I got a scholarship to do so but reporting the news without the flavor of sarcasm make it dull and depressing so I took a job with 99X which is how I became what I am today but enough about history. What we see here is not exactly a lesson they teach you in broadcaster school. It's not like we catch flies and walk on hot rocks and they tell us to "mind our surroundings". You don't see Mr. Myagi doing weather reports do you? This guy is standing outside a gymnasium giving an update on a local college team when he almost gets run over by a large SUV. I believe a woman is driving. Not that I'm sexist but statistically speaking ladies, y'all don't have the best track record. Check the videoSportscaster almost gets smoked with SUV