Troy Landry, my favorite off the show Swamp People on the History Channel, is really cashing in on his "catch" phrase "Choot 'em."

He's got t-shirts, hats, koozies, and decals with his catch phrase "choot 'em all available online, but coming July 11th the Louisiana Lottery will give you a chance to cash in on his catch phrase too!According to Troy Landry's Facebook page, beginning July 11th the Louisiana Lottery will be releasing "Choot 'Em" $2 scratch tickets.

For those  of you like my husband who want to try going gator hunting like Troy and the other Swamp People, you will probably have better luck with these scratch offs.

Also, just so you know the season gets back with a new episode this Thursday, It's Personal, following an all day marathon.   Yeah, I'm thinking about calling in sick too.