Earlier today, my editor walked into my office with a handful of beverages, slammed them down on my desk, and told me he wanted a review to put up on the website before the end of the day. At first glimpse, I thought that wild-eyed bastard had unwittingly given me permission to get slobbering drunk during work hours, but upon further examination I realized I had just been suckered into reviewing some Louisiana-themed sodas from a local beverage company called Swamp Pop.

Now, while it is taking me longer than expected to muster up the guts to pour a non-alcoholic beverage down the old gullet, I suspect I will eventually get thirsty enough to try it. In the meantime, feel free to pick up a few bottles of Swamp Pop soda and tell us what you think. You know, that way I don’t have to.

The following product descriptions are from the Swamp Pop website:

Noble Cane Cola: “Balmy Louisiana summers signify the arrival of plump Louisiana figs… and the need for an ice cold beverage! Noble Cane Cola combines the flavor of this beloved Louisiana summertime fruit with an old fashioned cola recipe to create a unique beverage that can stand up to the Louisiana heat! A traditional herbal cola enhanced with subtle flavors of plump figs, Noble Cane Cola is a delicious southern twist on an age-old favorite. There’s nothing else like it!”

Satsuma Fizz: “If you find yourself in Louisiana’s Livingston Parish, head south on Cane Market Road and you’ll run right into Satsuma, Louisiana, a town named after the plump, sweet satsuma – a favorite snack in south Louisiana. Devoted fans (and those fortunate enough to have a satsuma tree in the yard) wait all year long to snap them off the branch and taste the sweet, aromatic fruit. Swamp Pop Satsuma Fizz captures the experience of this popular Louisiana citrus fruit & can be enjoyed all year round! Destined to be a Louisiana classic, Satsuma Fizz captures the sweet, aromatic essence of this beloved Louisiana citrus fruit in a refreshing soda that’s like no other!”

Praline Cream Soda: “Belles Pralines! Belles Pralines!” went the refrain of the “Pralinières” in the early 19th century French Quarter of New Orleans as they steadily fanned their delicate candies with Palmetto leaves to protect them from the stifling Louisiana heat. Swamp Pop Praline Cream Soda combines the warm brown sugar, toasty butter, and pecan flavors of this creole confection with a traditional Cream Soda recipe to create a whole new delicious way to beat the Louisiana heat (no Palmetto leaves required) that may have you shouting “Belles Praline Cream Soda!”. The name says it all! Delicious brown sugar, toasty butter, and pecan flavors combined with a traditional Cream soda recipe. Magic in a bottle!”

Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale: “In late 18th century Grand Isle, Louisiana, when the gentleman pirate Jean Lafitte still patrolled local waters, you could find an abundance of two things - seafood and cucumbers; the latter being their biggest cash crop until World War II. While Jean Lafitte may not be patrolling Louisiana waterways anymore, chances are if you walk into a Louisiana backyard garden on a warm summer day, you’ll find a few cucumber plants. Swamp Pop Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale blends the refreshing flavor of cool cucumbers with a spicy Ginger nod to Jean Lafitte’s southernly travels through Caribbean waters. The perfect ginger kick combined with the refreshing flavor of cucumber. Delicious on it’s own – incredible as a mixer!”