The Cult Sell ‘Sanctuary’ in Super Bowl Commercial
In a move that will finally target the elusive demographic of beer drinkers who love classic rock and modern hip-hop, Budweiser has announced plans to debut a new commercial during the Super Bowl that mashes up the Cult‘s ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ with the recent Flo Rida hit…
Hilarious Dub for As Seen On TV PushOver Plunge [NSFW VIDEO]
Okay, those "as seen on TV" product commercials are horrible. The commercials are almost as bad as the actual product their hawking. There was a reason Billy Mays did cocaine, and it was probably because he couldn't snort Oxy Clean.
Instead of bitching about, more of us should …
The “King” Has Been Overthrown [VIDEOS]
The creepy King that has been plaguing our nights just before bed, will hopefully soon be out of a job.
Six months ago Burger King was purchased by an investment firm, and got a new CEO and split from their ad agency responsible for the creepy King ads since 2004.
Banned Super Bowl Ads [VIDEO]
Remember when the commercials that aired during the Super Bowl were as big a deal as he game itself?  Yeah, there's still some good stuff during the game, but a lot of companies have taken the fun out it by jumping the gun and airing their "Super Bowl" commercials days before the big game.…