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Shreveport Music Scene – On Life Support? [VIDEOS]
Yesterday, our friends at The Riverside Warehouse asked an interesting question on their facebook page: "Hey everyone. We need your input on this one. How many of you would come see the new Saliva?" The question generated a surprising number of responses, with over 90% answering with a re…
Band Tees – Which One Should Jade Wear Next?
So yesterday I told you about my extensive band t-shirt collection, and that I've worn a different regional band's tee every day this week. I wanna see how long it takes me to go through each one of em. I have two groups: Group 1 consists of "guy-style" shirts...
Who Are the KoT?
Find out here!! I interviewed several members of the Louisiana Chapter of the Knights of Thor (I'm a member, too!) I've separated this into four parts, to make for easier listening.
KoT Pt. 1:
KoT Pt. 2:
KoT Pt. 3:
KoT Pt...
Homegrown 03-13-11 – What You Missed [AUDIO]
First, you missed TONS of new tunes! Second, you missed two guest bands...I talked with John and Chris from Johnny Clyde & The Soul Harvest.  Here's that interview in two parts:
I also talked with Trey and Clint from GiveN NothiN' about their upcoming Homegrown L…