The Black Keys Drummer Not Happy About Nickelback…or Their Fans
You can count The Black Keys among the THOUSANDS of people who just hate Nickelback. In a recent interview published by Rolling Stone Magazine Patrick Carney, drummer and producer of The Black Keys holds not only Nickelback, but also the fans of Nickelback responsible for the state of Rock 'n R…
Finally, a Group of People That Actually LIKE Nickelback [VIDEO]
Nickelback is one of those bands that people love to hate. They sell tons of records, they pack arenas, but publicly people HATE them.
Well, one group of people aren't afraid to show their Nickelback love. The Sheffield Steelers are a hockey team from England, and they recreated the music video …
Nickelback Responds to Detroit [VIDEO]
So Detroit doesn't like Nickelback. Or so the petition says. (Sorry, I have been to Detroit, it is no prize, They are lucky Nickelback wants to go there.)
You have to give the Nickelback guys credit, they can make fun of themselves in this video...
Nickelback Get a Motown Makeover
Nickelback recently performed during the halftime show for the Thanksgiving Day Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers match-up, but not without a little drama that including an online petition trying to prevent them from performing along with their own Funny or Die clip in response.

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