The Oakland Raiders have picked their new cheerleading squad for the 2011-2012 NFL season, and one of their new ladies is . . . a GRANDMA. A 37-year-old grandma, but still, a grandma.



(--Hey, if any woman could represent the female Oakland Raiders fans properly, I guess it is a 37-year-old grandma.)



--Her name is Susie Sanchez. She's a mother of three, a grandmother of one, and she's been dancing since she was eight.



--She says it's always been her dream to be an NFL cheerleader, and she's tried out five times in the past six years . . . but always got cut.



--There were 232 women at the auditions, and Susie was one of 41 women picked to be on the Raiderettes.



--The Raiderettes say she's the only grandma cheerleader in the NFL. But she's not the oldest cheerleader . . . the Cincinnati Bengals have a 42-year-old named Laura Vikmanis.



(Yahoo Sports)