Seriously, there are ads out there for this and it was just a matter of time. We have heard about all the pills that make men longer and thicker for "her pleasure". Well now the roles are changing.

Maybe it is because us guys were running out of skin to be "longer and thicker" or we don't have enough stamina to keep up with the demand...LMAO...more like the demand from Miss Michigan.

This past weekend, I happened to be reading my emails and a friend of mine sent me an email with an attached video for that explains how the ladies are now able to use a cream to tighten and lighten the va-jay-jay.

Sounds good, right, guy?

Not quite.

Lemme 'splain this in my best lay-man's language:
Guys take pills to keep it up longer
Guys take pills to make it longer and thicker
Now women use a cream to tighten "the box"

At what point does part "A" get too large and tight to slide into slot "B".

There is a website dedicated to this new fascination.

Watch the video and determine for yourself.