Men get a bad rap for being more aggressive and dangerous on the roads . . . the insurance companies certainly seem to think so. But according to a new study, when it comes down to it, male drivers are soft-hearted, kind, and generous souls.

In a new study out of the University of Queensland in Australia, MEN are more likely than women to let other drivers merge in traffic. On a busy street, there's a 42% chance a man will let you into his lane . . . versus a 37% chance a woman will let you in.

The researchers found that men are most likely to stop for females, but will also be nice to other guys, too. Women, on the other hand, are okay about letting guys merge . . . but are EVIL when it comes to letting other women merge.

The study also found that older drivers are more likely to let you merge than younger drivers . . . people with really cheap or really expensive cars are less likely than people with mid-level cars . . . and people with passengers are better than solo drivers.

(Courier Mail)