High school senior Tyell Morton of Rushville, Indiana, is a good student who's never been in trouble, but not only will he miss graduation, he may go to prison for eight years.

As a senior prank, he disguised himself in a hoodie and gloves and left a package in the girls' restroom. School officials saw him on video, jumped to the wrong conclusion and called the bomb squad.

The package was just a blow-up sex doll, but he was taken away in handcuffs and charged with felony criminal mischief. The prosecutor said this is what happens "in this post-Columbine world." Tyell said it was just a harmless prank, and "they're blowing it out of proportion." Which is quite easy to do if you've never blown up a sex doll before, but everyone has to learn sometime.

If he does end up getting 8 years in the can, I hope he can at least get the blow up doll back before he makes the trip.