Hurricane Irma has been striking fear into the hearts of folks who live anywhere near an Atlantic coast and for good reason.  After Hurricane Harvey grew to a category 4 storm in a matter of days, it slammed into the Texas Gulf coast causing catastrophic damage and flooding.  When reports rolled in of the largest hurricane on record preparing to slam into the Western Caribbean then the  eastern coast of the US somewhere - started to panic appropriately.  As you read this, Irma has already slammed into the islands to the south of Florida and is rolling over the tip of the Sunshine State in a fury of wind, rain, and storm surge not seen in years there.

As Floridians (and the rest of the Southeast US) prepare for the worst, the British Virgin Islands have already received their storm whoopin' - and that whoopin, has released a large and unexpected danger to the populace that is already scrambling for shelter, food, and water.  Express reports that the new danger is escaped inmates from the small prison that was damaged during the storm.  The estimated number of criminals on the loose could be as high as 120, but the real problem is that officials don't exactly know who or how many have escaped.  It may be a little while before the formerly incarcerated make to the top of the priority list, and that would give them the time they need to elude authorities for good.

The UK government has sent more than 50 officers and specialists to the area to help round up the escapees.  They could blend in to the populace seeking shelter and help, they could commandeer a much need boat to leave the island for good, or any number of scenarios could unfold that allow these convicts to escape justice.  But maybe I'm being pessimistic.  Surely some of them will want to return to the confined space of their island paradise cells.

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