We have several projects in Shreveport and Bossier that have been on the back burner for a long time. One of the biggest complaints in our area is that nothing ever gets done.

A few of these may never happen, but we can hope. We started thinking about which ones would happen first.

This debate began once the Caddo Commission voted to remove the Confederate Monument. That fight is headed for a showdown in Federal Court. The Daughters of the Confederacy claim to own the land at the courthouse where the monument stands. But several Caddo Commissioners disagree and say the parish owns the land. How long will it take to settle this dispute and move on the Commission's vote to relocate the monument?

I started wondering will the monument be moved before other high profile projects are completed in our region? We narrowed the list down to the 5 biggest projects we could think of:

1. New Jimmie Davis Bridge
The state DOTD decided to stop plans to rehab the Jimmie Davis bridge in favor of building a new bridge next to the existing bridge. But this project will cost millions of dollars which the state does not have. We did have $25 million set aside to give the old bridge a facelift.

2. I-49 Through the Inner City
This past summer, members of the NLCOG Board voted to build the I-49 extension through the Allendale Neighborhood. The 3.6 mile stretch would connect the interstate to the section that is now complete north of town. The Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, the Committee of 100 and the North Louisiana Economic Partnership supports this path. The big question is how long will it take?

3. Elio Cars Being Built
Elio Motors has announced delay after delay in the plan to build its 3-wheeled-cars at the old GM plant. In the latest filling with the SEC, the start up car company says that it will be 2019 before they can deliver cars to customers. The company also says they still need $100 million dollars to get started.

4. Cross Bayou Park
In 1996, Shreveport voters passed a $5 million dollar bond issue for Cross Bayou development. But what were we promised and what has been delivered since that election. Here's the verbiage that was on the ballot: "Authority to issue not exceeding $5 million in General Obligation Bonds for acquiring and/or improving lands for a public park." We have no public park at Cross Bayou and that's been more than 20 years.

5. Confederate Monument Moved
The Caddo Commission voted 7-5 to move the Confederate Monument from the grounds of the Courthouse, but the legal fight is just starting.

We want your opinion. Put these projects in the order you think they will happen (we know you probably think a couple of them may never happen). We're curious to see what you think.


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