The white Powerball numbers were 17-19-39-43-68.  The Red Powerball Number was 13.  A total of 10 tickets matched all 5 white numbers and won $1 million.  But no one had the lucky number 13, so there was no winner of Saturday's Powerball jackpot of $541 million.

The new jackpot for the next drawing on Wednesday will be worth $650 million with a cash option of $411.7 million.  That's the 3rd largest jackpot in U.S. history, if anyone's counting.  And who isn't?

Recently we did a Facebook poll asking listeners what they would do if they won the Powerball.   Here are the Top 5 responses:


  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Invest in real estate.

    Exactly what types of property would be purchased ranged from a house for extended family to a secluded fortress.

  • Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images
    Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images

    Move to Fiji.

    Military coups, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and monsoons notwithstanding, many people would take their money and run to the tropics.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Buy hookers and cocaine.

    Uh, right.  Just for the record--there were no women who gave this response, and we have questions about the men.

  • Stephen Dunn, Getty Images
    Stephen Dunn, Getty Images

    Share the love.

    A couple of respondents would use their winnings in an effort to end all hate and spread goodness around the world.

  • Fox Photos, Getty Images
    Fox Photos, Getty Images

    This animated gif.

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