Wrestling Legend Ric Flair is said to be doing MUCH better after a scary medical emergency that put him in coma and ICU. While reports of what landed the Nature Boy in the hospital have varied, the one thing for certain is that his situation was grave and things were touch and go for a while.

His daughter Charlotte Flair, who missed SummerSlam Sunday night to spend time with her dad, posted the following on Instagram:

After an incredibly hard week, my dad is getting better. There is still a long road to go and he's not out of the woods just yet but I want to again thank everyone for their support on behalf of myself and my family. My dad has given his life to sports entertainment. To everyone competing tonight [at SummerSlam], you know he'd be backstage watching if he could. Give it a little extra flair for him tonight. Woooo!

It should be noted that Flair's road to recovery is just beginning but, right now, all the news that's coming out is positive. Keep the Nature Boy and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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