Operation "Save the Children," is a resounding success!  The combined forces and strategies of the Shreveport Police Department's Vice Unit and Youth Bureau have resulted in the arrest of more than 50 people connected with selling tobacco and/or alcohol to minors.  The sting operation was wildly effective, and will hopefully keep the prohibited out of the hands of folks under the legal age.

According to the Arklatexhomepage.com, over 200 businesses that sell alcohol and tobacco were targeted in Shreveport.  46 of the arrests were for selling alcohol to minors, 5 were for selling tobacco, and another 6 arrests are pending at this time.  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the report is that over half of the infractions came after cashiers checked and ID that showed the "customer" was underage - and sold the prohibited items anyway!

Not only does getting caught selling these things to minors get you in trouble, there are stiff penalties for the store that would benefit from the potentially illegal sale as they are responsible for properly training staff.

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