I am PUMPED as all hell that Alien Ant Farm is coming to The Riverside Warehouse in Downtown Shreveport this July! I fell in love with this band the first time I heard them, and I've been missing their shows for FAR too long. They remain one of the few bands that I've always wanted to see, and haven't.

There's great news for anyone who's in the same boat I am, tickets for this show are only $15 in advance!

However, just like every other show that comes to town, there are people complaining about the ticket price. I don't get this mindset, in fact, some times it makes me angry. But instead of picking fights, I just provide the ammunition for YOU to pick the fight. So I've gone out of my way again to find some weird stuff on Amazon that is currently for sale that would cost you more than a ticket to this show. Here we go:

This is the real deal folks...it's a pencil sharpener, where you put the pencil into the cat's butt. I don't really know why you would want this, and you should probably be placed on a watch-list of some kind if you actually order this. It's currently listed for $16 on Amazon.

Why? I don't know. But for about $36 you could have one of these to put on your Christmas tree. Because nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like this disturbing slight against nature.

There's probably a legitimate use for this. Maybe in a doctor's office or something...but that's a REALLY niche market. So for Amazon to have these bad boys rolling for just under $28 a pop, there has to be some black market for elderly wall decals we don't know about.


They try to play it off as "Perfect for outdoor sports, from walking to skating" but really, who the hell is walking SO HARD you can't answer your phone? Apparently the original price is $50, but Amazon is running deals because they can't sell this stuff.

OK, wait. This thing is about $16, and looks totally bad ass. This one might be ok, but if I was given the choice of spending my cash on an Alien Ant Farm ticket or this shirt, I'm actually taking AAF.

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