Shinedown will be leading the Carnival of Madness into the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium tonight. Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, and Whiskey Myers will be joining the boys for the show as well.

There have been a few questions about who's headlining, and how many songs to expect from each band. While we're not the Tour Managers, we can give you a good idea about what to expect. Black Stone Cherry has been doing 7-8 songs out on this tour, chuck full of their hits, and even dropping in an epic cover of "Ace of Spades"

Halestorm slides into the 2nd-to-headline position, which gives them the stage for about 10 songs, including hits from top to "Mz. Hyde", "I Get Off", and "Freak Like Me"...

Once Shinedown takes the stage, it doesn't look like they're excited to give it up. They've been cranking out almost 20 songs a night. With a set-list full of #1s...check this list out:

  • "Adrenaline"
  • "Fly From The Inside"
  • "Diamond Eyes"
  • "Unity"
  • "Asking For It"
  • "If You Only Knew"
  • "Enemies"
  • "Call Me"
  • "Creep" (Radiohead cover)
  • "I'll Follow You"
  • "45"
  • "State of My Head"
  • "Second Chance"
  • "Cut the Cord"
  • "Simple Man" (Skynyrd cover
  • "Sound of Madness"

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