If you had to shelve travel plans this year due to cost, you're not alone.  According to the results from a new online survey conducted by YouGov Plc for Bankrate.com - a full 68% of Americans have cancelled their travel plans entirely because either they couldn't afford it or they didn't believe the trip was worth the money.

Not only was a vacation the first thing to go when those surveyed found themselves dealing with a tight budget, 28% said that their budget was even smaller than it was 5 years ago.  The generation most likely to pass on a getaway because of cost - Gen Xers (39 - 54 year olds).

Personally, I find that its hard to do the big things in life (buying a car, buying braces, down payment on a house) and fit in a vacation every year.  It is much more realistic to plan for a vacation every other year, and on the year you get strapped - head to Splash Kingdom a few times and count yourself lucky!

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