An 8-year old Texas girl who was snatched from her mother's arms is safe now due to a coordinated manhunt by authorities, the Amber Alert system, and the quick thinking of 2 church members in Fort Worth.  FOX News is reporting that Salem Sabatka was found by Fort Worth Police this morning and transported to an area hospital where she was in good condition.

Salem was reportedly walking with her mother around 6:30 yesterday evening when 51 year old Michael Webb allegedly grabbed the child and forced her into his car.  The mother leaped into the car and fought ferociously, but was thrown from the moving vehicle.   Luckily, the event was witnessed by a few bystanders and a security video.  The description of the suspect, Salem, and the vehicle were released in an Amber Alert immediately.

Two unnamed church members spotted a four-door, grey sedan matching the description in the alert a hotel in Forest Hill, and notified authorities right away.  Police arrived and found the kidnapped child scared but unharmed, and arrested the suspected kidnapper immediately.  Michael is reportedly not a relative and is facing aggravated kidnapping charges.

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