Technically, your Fantasy Football habit is STILL illegal in Louisiana. Even though 47 Parishes across the state voted to legalize Fantasy Sports, the state legislature still wants their say, and their financial kickbacks.

The bill to finalize the legalization of Fantasy Sports left a House committee this week with an odd, and undermining amendment on it. One that takes away what those 47 Parishes voted for.

Now the bill carries an amendment that stipulates you can only play Fantasy Sports if you’re at card checking over-21 only establishments, like video poker stops, bars, or casinos.

Why did they add this? It wasn't something voters asked for, it wasn't a public outcry from the lawmakers constituents, it was strictly demanded by the financial influences of the "video poker lobby".

Video poker lobbyist Alton Ashy advocated for the amendment and says legalizing the activity without restrictions provides no benefits to Louisiana businesses.

That left Fantasy sports advocates, and anyone with common sense, sounding the alarm.

Fairness for Fantasy Sports Louisiana spokesperson Ryan Berni said the amendment subverts the intent of the 47 Parishes that voted to authorize the activity. He's not wrong either.

If the vote around the state would have said "You can only play Fantasy Sports at a video poker truck stop", it probably wouldn't have passed in 47 Parishes. Furthermore, find another state who plays Fantasy Sports (there are only 7 who don't, and one of those is the home of Las Vegas) that has a stipulation that only allows you to hold you Fantasy Football Draft at a truck stop instead of a wing joint.

Once again, the state of Louisiana finds a way to take something super simple, and layer it with nonsense and garbage.

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