A lot of fantasy football drafts around the Ark-La-Tex have already wrapped up, but there are a lot to still take place this weekend. Even if you've already drafted, you might be looking at trades, or waiver wire guys, and some of these names might creep into that area too.

For me, this is the first year I can remember (and I've won my fair share of league titles over the last 15 years) going into a draft with more players I want to avoid than I want to get. I feel like the 2017 NFL Fantasy season is more about landmines than lotto tickets.

My best example this year, that especially fires up folks here, is Leonard Fournette.

NFL Draft
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This one will upset people who are LSU fans that found themselves excited at the chance to count on another LSU weapon on their fantasy team. But I'm not down with him based on one thing...cost. When you compile the three major Fantasy Football sites total draft information, Fournette's current ADP (Average Draft Position) is 21.7, which puts him firmly in the 2nd round for 12 team leagues, and high 3rd in 10 team leagues.

His draft position is around guys like Todd Gurley and Marshawn Lynch. Or including wide receivers, Amari Cooper and Doug Baldwin.

Fournette is on a bad team, with an even worse offense. Blake Bortles has been 'a thing' in fantasy football for a few years because he puts up huge yardage totals. They don't win games, and he doesn't throw a lot of TDs, but he racks up garbage yards because they're playing from behind. So if Fournette's QB is known for getting garbage yards in the air, how is Fournette expected to get them on the ground? If the Jags are down 21-3 in the second quarter, they're not going to ground-and-pound, they're going to have to let it fly.

This is the same thing that happened to T.J. Yeldon and Denard Robinson...people got pumped at the possibilities, only to see them average 3-6 points per game.

The other guy I'm staying far away from is going to upset the local crew too. I'm not drafting Ezekiel Elliott. Yup, here comes the Cowboys hate. But...let's take a minute to remember fantasy football isn't about YOUR favorite team, it's about winning your league.

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Look, agree or disagree with the NFL suspension, it's a thing, and if Tom Brady can't beat the NFL court, why would Elliott be able to? So if you're going to have a player that will miss 25% of the season, how can you spend a first or second round pick on them? I can't make myself do that.

I have no issues with the Cowboys offense, their scheme, or their schedule...if he wasn't set to miss time, I'd argue you should grab Elliott at #1 overall. But again, I'd rather have a guy giving me 14-15 games without a suspension looming. If Elliott's price tag dropped based on the missed time, I'd make the play, but not at an ADP of 13.7, I can't do that.

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