For most of red-blooded, sports loving American males, this is one of the most important weeks of the year. It's Fantasy Football Championship week. After months and months of trash talk it all comes down to this week. And in our league, this may be the biggest championship game of all-time. Me - your mustached hero Puff - going head to head with one of the biggest trash talkers in the world, K945's Jay Whatley.

This year, there have only been two teams to hold the top spot in our league, yours truly and Jay. And, with us being professional talkers, you can imagine the amount of garbage being thrown. After months of build up and our only meeting of the year happening when we both hampered by byes and injuries, this is going to be an epic battle for bragging rights and cash.

Who wins? We'll know by Sunday night. But, right now, I'm in full Iron Sheik mode: I'm going to break his back and make him humble, Bubba. Because Jay, despite all his bluster and ego, is nothing more than a no good jabroni and I'm going to prove it this week!

via League of Extraordinary Coaches
via League of Extraordinary Coaches

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