Did you know most Fantasy Football is illegal in Louisiana?

All of those Draft Kings and FanDuel commercials have been pushing illegal activity for Louisiana residents. Ever paid an entry fee for your Fantasy Sports? You've broken the law.

But all of that might be changing soon.

Louisiana folks who want to legally engage in Fantasy Sports playing are one step closer. The Senate cleared a bill that gives voters in each parish the right to decide if they wish to move forward on Fantasy Sports. Lafayette Senator Page Cortez handled the legislation in the Senate, explaining to his colleagues that Fantasy Sports are not traditional sports gambling. Participants create a simulation sports team based on current membership of amateur or professional sports teams, not which team would win or lose.

The bill wouldn’t go into effect immediately however an election would be held parish-by-parish this fall. Which could create some odd circumstances. If Bossier Parish voted "No", but Caddo Parish voted "Yes", you could end up with different laws only a river away from something as simple as Fantasy Sports. You could have to drive from one city to the next to legally hold your Fantasy Football draft.

This stage of the measure is now headed to the Governor’s desk.

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