Over the weekend, our good friend Kevin Martin of Candlebox was in town performing at our Smith & Forge Hard Cider Festapalooza II. While he was in town, over a few drinks at Fatty Arbuckles, we started talking about his new band Le Projet which features Morgan Rose from Sevendust, Adam Kury of Candlebox, and Lenny Cerzosie of the Infinite Staircase. And either the Scotch was really good or he really does like us, because Kevin was nice enough to let us be the first place ANYWHERE, to bring you their songs.

According to Kevin, the band will be taking an interesting approach to releasing new music for this project. Instead of releasing a full blown album, dealing with a record label or anything like that, the band will be releasing new songs monthly over a period of time via their website.

Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention, you have no idea how much pleasure it gave us to hear Kevin let loose a metal growl/scream on the track 'Little Sh*ts'. You'll be able to download those songs very, very soon. But first, let us fill your earholes with the first track from Le Projet, 'Save Yourself'!

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