I am very proud of the fact that I have not one single time since it's inception, watched American Idol. I just don't think that it brings anything of value. Okay maybe  Chris Daughtry, but even that's a stretch. If you are anything like me you really don't need another reason to HATE American Idol. But if you don't already DESPISE this show and everything it stands for then this might just send you over the edge.TMZ posted a gallary of photos of the $12 million mansion in which the 13 2011 American Idol finalists will be staying during their time on the show.  I sure it may seem like a grand gesture that the show is forking over $100,000 a month to rent this house for these kids, but think of the unrealistic expectation that it is giving them!  It just sickens me, much like most of the talent that comes out of the show.  It's not jealousy. I can promise you that much.  Well maybe just a little. Check out the pics here.