Our first look at Archer Season 7 memorably recreated Magnum P.I. shot for shot, albeit only offering a few clues toward the team’s newest iteration. Now, “Hollywood’s Biggest Dicks” have arrived in the first first Season 7 trailer, opening up a detective agency on the West Coast.

FX released the first official footage from the new season premiering on March 31, as Team Archer takes their fortunes to Los Angeles in search of a new mission, and all the glitz and glamour therein. Ray seems to be upright again, courtesy of the Figgis Detective Agency, and Judy Greer’s line delivery is as on-point as ever.

In addition to the new focus, the new season will feature guest turns from comedian Patton Oswalt (audible in the trailer above) as a lawyer, Keegan-Michael Key and J.K. Simmons as Odd Couple investigators, returning Christian Slater, Jon Daly and Jon Glaser, and perhaps even Tom Selleck himself.

We’ll have to wait until March 31 for new episodes, but is the trailer a solid start? Might there be an ending for Archer on the horizon, as its last-renewed season?

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