For years it was a rite of passage for pre-adolescent boys.  To find and peruse your father's or older brother's cache of Playboy magazines.  There were some kids in my neighborhood who built a "clubhouse" out of old boards and newspapers and invited other boys to join.  It was a place where curious boys could store pilfered Playboy and talk about girls who we had finally begun to notice actually existed.

The thing that fascinated us the most?  Boobs!  Ta-Tas!  The Lovely Lumps!  We were all about women's breasts.

But now, the internet is apparently changing all that.  Now all types of porn--from soft to hard core--are available with a click of the mouse.  And millennials find breasts less--titillating.

A recent issues of Playboy cites a study done by the web site Pornhub which found that 18-24 adults are 20% less likely to search for breast-related content while their 55-64 year-old counterparts were 17% more likely.  The research also discovered that only 1.5% of total searches on the site were for boobs.

Don't get it twisted, boobs are still very popular.  The 4th most-searched item daily is "big natural boobs" and there are millions of searches for breasts every day.

But could it be that men are becoming more enlightened?  That there's coming a day when the first thing a man notices about a woman is her eyes instead of her chest?  A day when he'll value her brain more than her boobs?

The day that happens is the day Dolly Parton sees her toes.


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