For a few years now, the resilient and adaptive Procambarus clarkii have been slowly taking over the aquatic areas in Tiergarten and the Britzer Garten parks in the southern part of Berlin, Germany.  There are a few different theories as to how the crustacean commonly known as the Louisiana Crawfish got there, but that's not important now.  The main focus now is: what are they going to do about it?

According to Modern Farmer, the city has gone to great lengths to control this invasion - including the widespread release of eels back in 2016 in hopes they would eat their weight in craw-daddies.  They did, but unfortunately there were already too many mud-bugs for the eels to handle.  That's when fisherman Klaus Hidde found out that in Louisiana, people regularly succeed where these scrawny German eels had failed.

Klaus is the only person to have obtained the required licence to catch the tasty little critters.  It was slow going the first year, but now the kraut-turned Cajun is bringing in 40,000+ crawfish per season.  He has also teamed up with local restaurants Fisch Frank and Grand Tang, along with caterer Holycrab, who have promised to carry crawfish-laden dishes for as long as Hidde can procure them.

For now, the Germans have blended the crawfish into dishes like the "Berlin crab roll," which seem to be gaining popularity.  In my opinion - they're just one good, full-on boil from finding their eco-friendly and delicious solution.  They already have the beer.

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