You could say that I have the tendency to spend of a lot of my free time in bars. I’m not necessarily a drunk, but there is just something fun and alluring about drink and meeting new people at a bar.

There are many, many different kinds of watering holes around town. From the dirty and dingy to the upscale. So, here is my list of favorite places to get a drink and have some fun. Tell me what places you enjoy in the comment section.

1) Nobel Savage Tavern

This is hands down my favorite place to go grab a drink in Shreveport/Bossier. They have a LARGE selection of whiskeys, scotches, great bartenders and AMAZING food. Plus, unless you're in for a serious bender, you can get drinks and cocktails for less than 100. Can't beat that.

2) 2 Johns

Now, 2 Johns food is a little pricey...but the bar is awesome. Reasonably priced, well mixed drinks. They generally have a piano player and live music. If you've never been, its definitely worth checking out!

3) The Cub

I love the Cub. It's a dark, dingy dive bar that just so happens to have a 5 star steak house in it. The food is pretty pricey, but the drinks are super cheap and very well made so it kind of balances itself out. So, whether you are looking for a great date or just a place to get hammered on the cheap, the Cub is a great place to check out.

4) Strange Brew

When I’m in the mood to drink beer, there is no better place to go than Strange Brew. They have a LARGE selection of beer on hand, several pool tables and lots of live music. It may not be the prettiest place to look at, but dammit, it’s always fun.

5) Havana Sports & Cigar Bar

This is a place I accidentally stumbled into recently and boy I'm glad I did. Over 20 beers on tap, great selection of whiskey, friendly staff and a wide range of cigars to choose from. Whether you're looking for a place to go for guys night or just want to shoot some pool, Havana needs to get added into your regular rotation of places to go.


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