Hockey is a very physical game. There is always contact, hard checks, blocked is just violent in nature. But, one of the most exciting and violent aspects of hockey are the fights.

Nowadays, most pro and semi-pro hockey leagues are trying to cut down on the fights. While the fans and the players love the fights, the leagues are trying to protect the players by putting a stop to the vicious encounters. Which, in all honesty, kind of sucks but I get why they are doing it.

Luckily for us old school hockey fans who like to watch players throw hands from time to time, we have the internet. We can watch the best of the best any time we want. And one of the teams most prone to drop the gloves and go after it were the old Shreveport-Bossier Mudbugs.

Those guys would fight over anything. And, they had one of the top 5 greatest hockey brawls of all time. So, while I love the new Mudbugs (I'm at every home game), sometimes its nice to look back at the violent gentleman who have worn the black and teal in years gone by.


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