I love food.  No, I really love to eat.  And I work in radio, so I REALLY love food that is good...and cheap.  Key word - CHEAP.  But, it has to be good.  Not dollar menu stuff.  I know, I should buy healthy food and cook it, maybe?  But who has time.  So I eat out a lot.  And did I mention I work in radio, so it has to be cheap?  With the economy in the crapper, I'm sure you want to save a few bucks, too...so, as much as I hate the thought of you adding to the crowd at my favorite spots, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite places to dine on a budget.  I'm such a giver.  You're welcome!

Lucky Dog

10) Lucky DogA downtown Shreveport institution. After a long night of partying, you'll always see a long line for a loaded hot dog. Don't worry, after a few tequila shots, even the kraut tastes good!
The Burrito Man9) The Burrito ManHe hasn't been around as long as the Lucky Dog Stand, but the Burrito Man has been slappping down some of the biggest, best burritos north of Juan's Flying Burrito in NOLA since the mid 90's. Every weekend, at the corner of Texas & Spring, you'll find a burrito made any way you want it that will fill you up for the next two days.
Blue Moon BBQ8) Blue Moon BBQ & Grill

4100 Barksdale Blvd

The atmosphere is very casual, and the sides are all buffet-style. The BBQ is good and prices are better! While most BBQ places will charge you an arm and a leg for very little food, Blue Moon does not hold back. The portions are hefty, and with the sides buffet style, you get as much as your heart desires. With the $5.00 lunch special you’re going to get real food for less than you would pay for fast food – you can’t go wrong.  There’s no table service, but you can still expect someone to bring you drink refills, which is nice.  Highly recommended if you are looking for a good place to eat that won't break the bank.

Silver Star Cafe7) Silver Star Café inside Elsies Truck Stop

7101 Hwy 1 North

Yes, it’s inside a truck stop, but don’t let it fool you.  It’s down home food fast.  From burger and fries to fried chicken to red beans and rice, you can get a quick lunch with a coke for 7 bucks - and if you get the daily special, you can really make out well. The fish comes in a huge portion with all the trimmings. Excellent! The burger comes on a buttered grilled bun, handmade with all the trimmings. Highly recommended if you're looking for a really "good" greasy spoon burger.

Sam's Southern Eatery6) Sam's Southern Eatery

6122 Greenwood Road

The food is great, affordable, and the portions are huge!  You can get a 4 piece fried fish platter with sides for 8 bucks plus tax. The service is great, and the servers are helpful...always willing to let you split orders - i.e., half an order of the fried oysters, combined with half an order of the fried shrimp. Did I mentions a lot of the food is fried? Just the way I like it!

Yeero Yeero5) Yeero Yeero

4511 Youree Dr

The fact that they have to phonetically spell the name of the trademark Mediterranean pita sandwich speaks volumes, huh  (“Can I get one of them GUY-ROES?”)?  I thought this place was a "fast food" type place until I went inside. The inside is a total surprise judging by the way it looks from the street. Think Doctor Who’s Tardis. Drive-thru on the outside…casually elegant on the inside. You wouldn't assume a place that serves gyros and french fries would look like this place does inside.

It doesn't take very long to get food, and the menu is a lot more than just gyros. The hummus is a Top 5 for me – dare I say the best in Shreveport-Bossier?   The only thing missing is chicken shawarma…can we work on that guys?  Thanks.

The Cotton Boll

4) The Cotton Boll

1624 Fairfield Av

This place is the definition of comfort food.  Try an enormous club sandwich (the ham on the club sandwich is actually a HAM STEAK, not sliced ham!), the fried chicken special, the best, juiciest fried shrimp anywhere.  It is a stroke of genius that this place is located next door to the Christus Schumpert Emergency Room entrance - one of these days they're gonna come load me onto a gurney after Wednesday Fried Chicken.  But at least I'll go to the afterlife with a smile on my face.

Southfield Grill3) Southfield Grill

317 Southfield Rd

The great thing about this place is that the portions are big. The service is awesome. The staff is friendly. And the food is always good.  Haven’t had a bad meal there yet.  Try the specials – for an extra buck you get an extra chicken fried steak (you can’t get a pack of gum for a buck anymore!), or the chicken and dressing .  The daily special comes with 3 veggies and bread.  And don't let the veggies fool you.  It's not just veggies you get here.  More like "veggie alternatives"…mashed potatoes or turnip greens or mac 'n' cheese or BBQ beans or potato salad.   I always opt for a double order of cheese and broccoli, and an order of mashed potatoes and gravy.  Great comfort food for less than $10.00.

Strawn's2) Strawn’s

125 Kings Hwy

At Strawn’s, the atmosphere is classic diner, and you can count on a friendly waitstaff, the smell of greasy burgers grilling, and the sound of college kids enjoying their afternoon break from classes at Centenary.  Don't expect to be treated any more or less special than the customer before or after you - everyone is family at Strawn's.  And don't expect anything fancy – but, why would you?  You go for the burgers, shakes, pancakes, and Strawn’s famous strawberry pie!

George's1) George'sGeorge's is #1 for a reason. Some of the cheapest breakfasts around. Two eggs with ham, grits, and a biscuit for only $5.25.  For lunch,  try George's famous steak sandwich.  $7.00 gets you a sandwich. But, that steak sandwich is actually a medium cooked filet mignon wrapped in bacon.

George’s does have plenty of other options that come with sides and are on the cheaper side. You can order club sandwiches, burgers, fried egg and ham sandwiches, tuna salad, omelettes, and more. For the lunch specials, he has something different to choose from every day.
Breakfast is served all day, so for those needing to do a quick study session, or if you're in the area with a breakfast craving, it’s a great place to go. Get there before they run out of biscuits and make sure to try the pie. George also has various dinners available like hamburger steak with grilled onions and gravy, fried catfish, fried oysters, etc. He even has some other hometown favorites like red beans and rice with cornbread muffiins.  On the down side, you’ll probably find George’s crowded any time of day, but especially after the bars close. So, escape before last call and grab a good table!

What are your favorite cheap eats in Shreveport/Bossier City? If your favorite's not on my list, put it in the comments below...I'm always in need of a new place to dine!

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