If You Want to Be a Man, You Have to Eat Breakfast Like Hunter S. Thompson
Being a man takes a lot of work. You have be strong like a bull, drink like a fish, smoke like a Colorado forest fire, and bang like a porn star. And damn is it exhausting being that big of a bad ass. So make sure you make the most important meal of the day, breakfast, a damn fine one so you can make it through your day with all the power you need.
Top 10 Best Places To Eat On The Cheap in Shreveport
I love food.  No, I really love to eat.  And I work in radio, so I REALLY love food that is good...and cheap.  Key word - CHEAP.  But, it has to be good.  Not dollar menu stuff.  I know, I should buy healthy food and cook it, maybe?  But who has time.  So I eat out a lot.  And did I mention I work in radio, so it has to be cheap?  With the economy in the crapper, I'm sure you want to save a few bu
Mutiny on the Breakfast Cereal Aisles
Quaker Oats and their parent company PEPSI are throwing Cap'n Crunch overboard.  Due to low sales, the Cap'n only pulled in $118.6 Million last year, Cap'n Crunch will no longer be sold.  Much of the blame for pulling the Cap'n is being put on the anti-childhood obesity campaign that has come on strong these last few years.