Quaker Oats and their parent company PEPSI are throwing Cap'n Crunch overboard.  Due to low sales, the Cap'n only pulled in $118.6 Million last year, Cap'n Crunch will no longer be sold.  Much of the blame for pulling the Cap'n is being put on the anti-childhood obesity campaign that has come on strong these last few years.

Studies have shown that kids are more likely to want a sugary cereal if it's got a cartoon mascot on the front. Cap'n Crunch definitely qualifies as a sugary cereal . . . with 12 grams of sugar per serving. That's half the recommended daily intake.

Jennifer Harris is a food policy and obesity researcher at Yale University. She says:

"Our research shows PepsiCo is no longer marketing Cap'n Crunch cereal directly to children. They've retired Cap'n Crunch and that's a good thing. Unfortunately, children continue to view hundreds of ads per year for high-sugar cereals."

Honestly, I'm surprised that the Cap'n has made it this long. I mean really, after eating a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, I always felt like I had chowed down on bowl of broken glass.