Pole Dancing Promoted As The New Keep Fit Routine
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It did not come quietly into this world, this bill, this simple piece of legislation that is being touted as an attempt to combat human trafficking. It was met at its conception by lawmakers who are convinced The Improv in L.A. needs their services, women lawmakers who had finally heard one sexist pig squeal one time too many, and a rain of $1 bills. With such a welcome to the world, was there ever any doubt that it would quietly find itself sitting on the desk of a governor eager to make it law?

Lake Charles Sen. Ronnie Johns authored the bill and is pleased to see it pass through Congress successfully. Many other worthy, well meaning bills did not. Johns, who also sponsored other bills to help the plight of women and children in Louisiana, says this comes on the heels of breaking ground on our state's first ever shelter for minor victims of human trafficking, and paints the Bayou State as a leader in this battle. "Louisiana is recognized around the country as having some of the strongest and best human trafficking laws out there.", Johns said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kenny Havard, the man who started the legislative and public outcry with his 'joke' ammendment about capping the age and weight of  strippers, (LOOKING AT YOU, CHIPPENDALES!),  remains steadfast in his refusal to agree he did anything wrong and apologize. And he continues to be the target for lawmakers still not sure they have quite received their pound of flesh yet. When  Havard's resolution on a bill dealing with overloaded semi trucks was brought forward, Rep. Nancy Landry commented that this subject of weight limits is more befitting the dignity of the congress, and she appreciated him bringing it forward. No word yet on whether Havard has Fat Tuesday, Fats Domino, or Fat Bottomed Girls and their rocking world in his sights as well at this time.

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