At first blush, you might think that our legislators have bigger issues to deal with than how old an exotic dancer is. A close examination will show that the real issues are not about limiting the ability of an individual to earn a living. It's more about a bill that will hopefully address the growing issue of human trafficking. 

Many individuals that work in the state's exotic entertainment industry do not do so by choice. Many of that, especially young women, are put into that industry against their will. It is hoped that this law will make it more difficult for traffickers to bring their victims into Louisiana and force them to work in an industry, not of their choosing.

There was an age bill that was passed in the last session of the legislature. The measure was signed into the law by Governor Edwards. Shortly after becoming law the measure was blocked by a judge because the language in the measure was too broad.

In the eyes of the judge, the language in the bill could have been applied to other jobs that employ those between the ages of 18 and 21. This newer version of the bill will specifically define the terms of "nudity" and "strip club".

Based on the law as it stands now anyone over the age of 18 may work as an exotic dancer in Louisiana. Should this new measure pass in the current session of the legislature that age will again be raised to 21.


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