Everybody makes mistakes. George Washington's defense of New York. Van Halen hiring that guy from Extreme. The Honey Boo Boo show. But the trick is, when you you've made a mistake, first you admit it, and then you take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. Do that, and you'll find Americans are just bursting at the seam to forgive, forget, and go have a beer, especially if you're buying.  Kenny Havard doesn't get that.

In the face of mounting pressure from his colleagues, and in light of the blistering attacks now coming in like Tomahawk missiles from all over the country, Havard is sticking to his guns and refusing to admit he did anything wrong at all. "I'm not going to apologize just because the media or some special interest group want me to apologize for being politically incorrect.",  says Havard, who has now come up with a brilliant defense as well. "I didn't say anything about women. This is a totally neutral ammendment. The Chippendales can't strip if they're over 160 pounds.", Havard stated, blissfully unaware that now TWICE as many people are mad at him.

House Speaker Tony Barras says it's ridiculous that he has to ask members to be respectful. "In my opinion it warrants an apology to the speakers chair and to all of you as members, in particularly to our female members, I will leave that up to Rep. Havard to determine." Sound like a thinly veiled threat to you?

Lets see if another night's sleep helps Mr. Havard's judgement. He is scheduled to be the keynote speaker for National Quiche Lorraine Day. His speech, "Big Fat Lorraine", should hold a clue to which way he's leaning.

Editors Note - Although tomorrow is, in fact, National Quiche Lorraine Day, Mr. Havard is not the keynote speaker. Most likely, no one wants to hear him say much about anything right now, much less sermonize on Lorraine's Quiche, or it's effects on her waistline.

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