A new bill winding its way through the Louisiana law-making process could have more folks packing heat with their Bibles on Sunday mornings.  The new measure would add churches to the list of buildings currently listed under the "stand your ground" law.  Earlier today, it narrowly got past the House criminal justice committee in a 9-8 vote.  Now it will march on to the Louisiana House of Representatives for a full debate.

If this bill clears all of the legal hurdles and becomes law, it would allow people to use deadly force to prevent an intruder from gaining access or compel an intruder to leave  churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship across the state.  WBRZ reports that this would be in addition to a person's home, place of business, and vehicle which are already listed as acceptable places to employ deadly measures to protect oneself, others, and property.

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