Time is ticking away for McDonald's to respond to this lawsuit.

According to NBC News, id-June will be when McDonald's will have to respond to a federal lawsuit citing discrimination against a blind Louisiana man in the drive-thru. The man's name is Scott Magee from Metairie, Louisiana. In the documents filed with a US District Court in Chicago, Magee claims he was turned away with laughter after visiting a New Orleans location late at night last August.

He says it's not the first time it has happened.

The hours that he approached the window are typical hours that the dine-in portion of McDonald's is closed however, the drive-thru window is still open for service. The company's policy is to only serve customers in cars in the drive-thru, not pedestrians. Obviously Magee isn't able to drive a vehicle, as stated in the suit:

"While McDonald's sighted customers can independently browse, select, and pay for products at Defendant's drive-thrus without the assistance of others, blind people must hope for a companion with a car or paid taxi services to assist them in selecting and purchasing McDonald's food."

Magee is seeking class-actin for all blind Americans and states that it wouldn't be difficult for McDonald's to adjust their drive-thru services. The terms of the suit demand McDonald's make accommodations, formally declare they violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as cover court costs and attorney's fee.

McDonald's will need to respond by June 17.

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