The album, Boston, was released in 1976 to little fanfare.  After all, numerous record labels had rejected the band's demo, and when Epic signed them in 1975 they had no idea what was in store.  The album flew off the shelves to become the biggest selling debut album in history.

And it wasn't really even a band.  It was one guy--MIT engineer Tom Scholz--who played all the instruments.  Scholz was a guitarist who had been playing around the Boston area since the 1960's.  He had a passion for classical music, but he also liked pop hooks, and heavy guitars.  So he began experimenting in his basement studio, and came up with what would become known as the "Boston sound".  It involved laying down multiple overlays of guitar tracks to create this huge, soaring sound that just flew out of the speakers.  When the ethereal voice of Brad Delp was added, songs like "More Than A Feeling", "Peace Of Mind", and "Long Time" became anthems.

Almost every song from Boston can be heard on the radio still today, and Scholtz continues to tour.  Brad Delp committed suicide in 2007, and like Journey before them, Boston found a super-fan to fill in as lead singer.  Tommy DeCarlo had been recording covers of Boston songs and posting them on his MySpace page for years.  When he learned of Delp's death, he wrote a tribute song and posted it on MySpace.  Another Boston fan heard the song, and suggested that DeCarlo send it to Scholtz.  Scholtz liked the song, then called DeCarlo to ask him to sing at a Brad Delp tribute that the band was planning.  A few years later, DeCarlo became the full-time lead singer of Boston and is so today.

You can catch Boston Sunday night at Shreveport's Municipal Auditorium.  Tickets are available at TicketMaster.  For a chance to win free tickets, tune into 99X every afternoon Monday-Thursday at 3:30pm for your cue to call in and win at 320-ROCK.

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