Look, I think Roman Reigns has been getting a raw deal. Dude is extremely talented, has the look of a mega star and consistently puts on awesome matches. With that being said, I do enjoy when Roman gets his ass beat. And last night, Braun Strowman straight up DESTROYED Roman. It  was brutal, vicious, violent and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Last night we saw Strowman toss 280 pound Reigns like a rag doll. Oh, and Strowman flipped an ambulance. It was a full on display of Strowman's strength and ability. And yes, I understand that the ambulance was probably gimmicked to hell and back, it is still an amazing show of power. Now, if you are a non-believer, check out some of Strowman's strong man competition tape and tell me again why him lifting an ambulance is so hard to believe.

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