This week's Monday Night Raw was setting up to be the BEST Raw in over a year. You had Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows set for their in-ring debut, you had the possible return of The Authority, the online rumor that Finn Balor may debut...there was A LOT that could have happened.

The suggestions that The Bullet Club were going to make their full transition in the WWE. Which seems like a real possibility based on how many full-blown BULLET CLUB references have been made on the TV product and in the online social media posts. The WWE is usually VERY protective over using non-owned names, so something smells weird there.

But, we didn't get half of what we expected. In fact, we go so little, Raw felt like a let least to me. Did Puff feel the same way? Well, as you can hear in the podcast, kind of. But you'd be amazed how much 15 seconds of Lana can change his opinion.

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